Glossary of relevant Chinese terms

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Due to technical difficulties, the representation of certain characters does not work as well here as it should (the reason being the different character set). For the correct forms refer to the main text. -- MC means Middle Chinese.

boyi 簙弈 classical Chinese for 'board games (?)'

Chuci 楚辭 'The Elegies of Chu'

γαng dz'ia` (MC) 項藉 Han Xin's enemy

Guangxiangxi 廣象戲 Chinese chess variant proposed by Zhao Buzhi

Gujin tushu jicheng 古今圖書集成 a major Chinese encyclopaedia

Han  Chinese dynasty, 206 BC- 221 AD

Hanshu 漢書 the annals of the Han dynasty

Han Xin 韓信 a general of the Han dynasty

jiangqi 將棋 Chinese chess (writing variant ?)

liubo 六簙 a Chinese game

Lu Cai 呂才 a Chinese scholar-official (biographical data not available)

Lunyu 論語 'The Analects of Confucius'

Niu Sengru 牛僧孺 a Tang dynasty minister of state (779-847)

Pan Zhenguan 潘珍官 Eyles Irwin's Chinese informer

pinyin  a Chinese transscription system

Qiguo xiangqi 七國象棋 a Chinese chess variant

qua (Li), gua (correct)  Trigram (as eg in 'The Book of Changes')

Shiji 史記 the first Chinese dynastic history

Shou wön (Li), Shuo yüan (correct) 說宛 'Collection of Explanations'

Tang  Chinese dynasty, 618-907

tsiang` g'ji (MC) 將棋 Chinese chess (writing variant ?)

weiqi 圍棋 a Chinese game ('Go')

Xiang Qi (Li), Xiang Ji (my dictionaries) 項藉 Han Xin's enemy

xiangqi 象棋 Chinese chess

Xuanguai lu 玄怪錄 'Tales of the Obscure and Peculiar'

Yao Buzhi (Li) Zhao Buzhi (correct) 晁補之 scholar-official (1053-1110)

Zhang An-ru 長安如 not a chess historian

Zhang Ruan 張如安 a chess historian

Zhongguo xiangqi shi 中國象棋史 'History of Chess in China' or 'History of Chinese Chess'

Zhou Jiasen 周家森

ziang g'ji (MC) 象棋 Chinese chess